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Wyoming Legislators to Change State Gaming Law Regarding Poker Tournaments

"Bona fide" is a word that has causing a lot of controversy in the poker circuit. In 2008, five poker players from Colorado had their lawsuits dismissed without prejudiced when the district attorney failed to persuade a jury that the game of poker was not a "bona fide game of skill," something that state law exempts from its gaming clauses.

Now, in the state of Wyoming, legislators are reviewing their poker legislation and are thinking if they really need to require that all participants in a card game like poker have a "bona fide social relationship," as stated in the Wyoming law.

Tom Montoya, the chief of enforcement at the Wyoming Liquor division, said on May 26th, 2010 that it does not seem like there is anybody that has a real understanding as to what the phrase "bona fide social relationship" mean.

Bars and restaurants in Wyoming are allowed to host poker games as long as the house does not profit from the game and it fulfills the "bona fide social relationship" requirement. But state lawmakers are acknowledging that the phrase is vague that it is difficult to enforce and they are now considering dismissing it altogether.

The result of these talks between the Wyoming lawmakers is unlikely to cause any significant changes to the poker circuit in Wyoming, as lawmakers still want to make sure that any new law does not permit for creation of new profit poker rooms.

But it could decide that Wyoming poker players no longer need to worry that they will be breaking the state gaming law if an individual that they do not know well joins their poker table.


07/25/2010 14:26 PM