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WSOP Vice President Ty Stewart Announces Agreement with Jack Link's Beef Jerky

On May 19th, 2009, in an outstanding coup for snack foods everywhere, the WSOP (World Series of Poker) has appointed Jack Link's Beef Jerky as its presenting sponsor. The historic announcement, made simultaneously in Las Vegas and Wisconsin on Monday, presented a multi-year collaboration between the WSOP and Jack Link's, the leading brand of beef jerky and fastest rising meat-snack manufacturer all over the world.

Ty Stewart, World Series of Poker vice-president said that this is a great partnership between two well-known brands. He added that they have found a partners who matches their goals and they gladly welcome Jack Link's to the WSOP group.

As part of the agreement, the WSOP will be renamed as the "World Series of Poker Presented by Jack Link's Beef Jerky. The collaboration will also see the brand of Jack Link's place all over the tournament area as well as a brand new "Wild Card Cafe" to replace the well-known No Limit Lounge above the television table. Hungry participants will be able to buy Jack Link's more than one hundred premium meat-snack products in the poker kitchen.

Jack Link's director of marketing Jeff LeFever said that poker is about sharing good time with close friends. Jack Link's enthusiasts and poker players both have fun loving spirits. The moves continues the World Series of Poker's tradition of mixing the game with bar fare, following similar collaborations between Planter's Peanuts and Milwaukee's Best Light Beer.


06/04/2009 20:48 PM