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World Series of Poker Narrows Down Player Field for Final Table on November 2008

On July 10th, 2008, a series of eliminations at the World Series of Poker bought the remaining participants ever closer to the cash pot-the jackpot prize for spending a total of $10,000 to participate in the main event of the WSOP. After just two hours of game play, two hundred sixty-two players had been eliminated from the player field and after 4 hours play, around 873 players were still playing on the tables.

The whole process ensure that tournament officials can identify the poker player that will bust out in 667th position-which is one place away from at least cashing out $21,230 in the no limit Texas Holdem event. The final 666 players represent the 9.7% of the total 6,844 participants, all hoping to win the title and the $9.12 million top prize that will be given to the champion at the tournament's conclusion on November.

Tournament director Jack Effel said that if two participants tied on 666th and 667th-they would divide the $21,230 cash prize. Phil Hellmuth said that he has been able to improve his chip stack compared to last year-from 400,000 to 700,000. Effel commented that after the field is scaled down to those who have cash in, play will continue on normal speed and those players that have short stacks will place their chips all-in, grateful to have cash in on the WSOP main event.

Chips do not have any monetary value but shows where players are place against their opponents. Players will only be eliminated from the game if all of their chips are gone. A lot of poker players tend to play conservatively as they draw closer on finishing on the cash, because they want to go home with money. Even players that are in good chip position are wary and careful with each of their move in the game.


08/03/2008 04:32 PM