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World Poker Entertainment Sign Broadcast Deal with World Poker Showdown Tournament

The United Sports Media, media and television organization from Los Angeles, California together with the World Poker Entertainment Network announced that they have signed an agreement with the World Poker Showdown.

The announcement of the deal was made at a press conference in Burbank, California by the President of United Sports Media Rod Myers. The details of the agreement were not discussed.

The World Poker Showdown will hold four major tournaments from October 2007 up to May 2008. The first tournament that will be broadcast is the World Poker Showdown Costa Rica Poker tournament from October 20th, 2007-October 28th, 2007 with the first airing on the second week of December 2007.

The next three poker events will be the WPS Bahamas Poker Tournament on January 7th, 2008-January 19th, 2008 at the Cable Beach Resort, the WPS Caribbean Poker Cruise tournament from the Freedom of the Seas from March 30th, 2008-April 16th, 2008 and the WPS Ocean World Poker Showdown on May 9th, 2008-May 18th, 2007 at the Ocean World Casino in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic.

President Rod Myers said that they are very happy to be picked to broadcast the events and they hope that they will have a great partnership. The Chief Executive Officer of the World Poker Entertainment Network Mark Mayo said that they are also happy to be working with Rod Myers and Herb Van Dyke and that the tournaments will be a great event for poker tournaments.

FANZ-TV, a sports gaming network, the host television network in the United States has been given the option to show the tournaments. The syndication for the tournaments is currently being offered by the United Sports Media to any interested parties.

The President of the World Poker Showdown Herb Van Dyke said that their events matched with the network and that he is confident that they will be able to produce a good poker show. There will be several weekly shows before the main event at each stage of the poker tour.


09/19/2007 02:51 PM