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Vanessa Selbst Leads in Chip Count on the 3rd Day of the 2010 PokerStars NAPT Main Event

Day three of the 2010 North American Poker Tour (NAPT) Main event on April 9th, 2010 looked to be a a challenging and long one. But due to the aggressive game play of Vanessa Selbst(2,285,000 chips) and Scott Seiver (2,241,000 chips), only 6 ½ levels were needed to cut down the field from 125 participants to the final twenty-four players.

Those 24 will return on April 10th, 2010 to determine the final table on Sunday. Selbst started the day with 542,600 chips, good for 3rd place in the overall chip count. She utilized her position by beginning with an open-raise and three-wager prior to the flop. When Selbst's aggressive play was not enough for the cash pots, she was able to induce her opponents to make some mistakes.

Vincent Rubianes transferred almost 500,000 chips to Selbst in the early round when he went against Selbst with his pocket jacks. Rubianes four-wager Selbst's pre-flop from the small blind, but wound up being defeated when he called all-in with his 10(diamonds) A(hearts) 6(diamonds) 8(clubs) on the board. Selbst flopped a pair of tens and dismissed Rubianes' two-outer.

On the other hand, Seiver had more hard time acquiring his 2.2 million chips. Seiver started the day at 40,400, enough only for ten big blinds. He won a few important preliminary hands, then started to gain momentum when he place a full house on the river against Lars Bonding. Seiver then hold Bonding for a few minutes after he pushed for 220,500 on a board of Q(diamonds) Q(clubs) 10(spades) 6(hearts) 4(diamonds).

When Bonding finally called, Seiver revealed a pocket 4's for 4's full of queens hand, which Bonding could not defeat. That cash pot gave Seiver 675,000 in total chips and from there he kept improving his chip stack. Seiver and Selbst will be joined on Day 4 by severall well-known poker players. Day 2 leader, Jordan Morgan, finished with 1,667,000 chips.

Cliff Josephy (1,326,000 chips), Jonathan Aguiar (899,000 chips), Peter Jetten (785,000 chips) and Team PokerStars Pro member Vanessa Rousso (720,000 chips) are also in a good position to make a deep run. The person with the largest Day 3 rail was one of the last notable players who did not survive the day. All eyes were focus on Phil Ivey throughout the 3rd day. Ivey's chip stack improved as high as 450,000 in the middle of the day but he finished in 29th place when his 2nd pair and flush draw failed to defeat the top pair of Elio Fox. Poker players like Alex Keating, Todd Terry, James Akenhead, Eric Froehlich and Ryan D'Angelo also finished in the top fifty.

Other notable poker players who went home with cash included David Williams, Jeff Madsen, Sorel Mizzi and Team PokerStars Pros Dennis Phillips and Marcello Del Grosso. Play resumes on April 10th, 2010 at 12:00 noon at Mohegan Sun. The final twenty-four players will play until only eight players remain.


05/02/2010 13:06 PM