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Tom Dwan Grabs the Lead on the Durrrr Challenge

On May 24th, 2009, it may have taken a long time but it appears as if the Durrrr Challenge is beginning to be played with more frequency. Poker pros Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius have played three games although not long ones in the past 5 days, with Dwan grabbing the overall lead over $67,000 after Patrik Antonius briefly grabbed the lead earlier in the week. Still, the Durrrr challenge is far from finished and $67,000 is hardly a big obstacle for Antonius.

The two elite poker pros have played just 6,633 card hands, or about thirteen percent of the fifty thousand card hands they need to play in order to finish the challenge. Poker players usually buy-into one of the four poker tables with somewhere between $40,000 and $60,000 at each poker table, so Dwan's lead on the event shows little more than one buy-in cost. After 5 weeks, the two poker professionals have devoted just over twenty hours to the event.

Antonius has maintained from the start that this Durrrr challenge would likely to be a long-term activity. He said in January 2009 that there would be weeks that he and Dwan would probably not be able to face each other. When the event was first announced, the Durrrr challenged produced an astounding amount of publicity to a level not experienced and seen since Andy Beal's poker challenge against "The Corporation". But the excitement has seemed to wear off since Dwan and Antonius has played a few times since the challenge started on February 2009.

Both poker players have said that they would rather play the $500-$1000 games online than play each other, so the action at this level has also slowed down the event.


04/05/2009 19:54 PM