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Odds and Probabilities For The Texas Hold'em Poker Variant

Most guides explaining poker odds go into confusing mathematical equation explanation that are usually useless for the average poker player. In this guide, we explain only what you need to know in order to use Texas Hold'em poker odds to improve your profits from the games. Poker odds for Hold'em games are considered inseparable from the regular poker rules, but we have chosen to divide it so you can have an organized and structured method for learning Hold'em poker.

Explaining Hold'em poker odds

Let's say you read in a Texas Hold'em poker strategy book that the Texas Hold'em poker odds for a flush are 2 to 1. What this means is for every 3 games of Hold'em poker you play, you can expect to get a flush hand once. If the odds were 5 to 1, you would get 1 flush every 6 games.

Professional Hold'em poker players do not memorize all the poker odds for the game, and also do not use sophisticated calculations in the game, so why should you? Instead we will now teach you the key Hold'em poker odds you can use in the actual game.

Key Texas Hold'em poker odds for various hands

  • The Hold'em poker odds for getting a specific pocket pair is 220 to 1 against.
  • The odds for getting a pair is 16 to 1 against.
  • The odds for getting two suited cards are 3.3 to 1 against.
  • The odds for flopping trips if you have pocket pair hole cards are 7.5 to 1 against.
  • The odds for flopping an ace or king if you have AK pre flop is 2.1 to 1 against.
  • The odds for flopping an ace after KK hole cards are 4 to 1 in your favor.
  • The odds for two more suited cards if you already have 2 suited cards is 7.5 to 1 against.

If you are four to a flush on the flop, your Hold'em poker odds are about 2 to 1 against getting to the flush by the river. These are the same odds for getting a straight if your flop is an open ended straight.

This guide will surely improve your poker strategies, not just for Hold'em poker but for other games as well.

Publisher: Edi Stokes,