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Types of Texas Hold'em Poker Limit Bets

Various Texas Hold'em poker games have different betting options, including limit texas hold'em poker, no limit poker, pot limit poker and spread limit poker. Every poker player needs to find the type of bet he is most comfortable with. After you learn about the betting options you'll be able to enter the right online poker game for you. The fact that betting is structured is one of the advantages of poker that should entice you to start playing the game.

There are four different types of Texas Hold'em poker games, according to the bets involved.

Structured Limit - In this Texas Hold'em poker betting variation, bets made before the flop and on the flop are of a fixed amount, while bets on the turn and river are double that amount. This is the most common type of game, and the most recommended one, especially for beginners to Texas Hold'em poker. An example of this bet is a $2-$4 structured limit. With this example, bets made before and on the flop are of $2, while bets made on the turn and river are $4.

No Limit Games - Here you can bet any amount of bets at any point in the hand. An example of this kind of Texas Hold'em poker game is the WSOP (the World Series Of Poker). This game is meant for advanced Texas Hold'em poker players.

Pot Limit Games - This means the bets can be as high as the total amount of the pot. This game is also meant for advanced players, as no limit games are.

Spread Limit Games - With these Texas Hold'em poker games, you can bet or raise between a range of bets. For example, if the spread is $5- $10, you can bet between $5 and $10, at any time of the game.

Publisher: Edi Stokes,