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What Are Texas Hold'em Poker Limit Games and How Should They Be Played

In Texas Hold'em poker, you can choose from various types of Hold'em poker limits. In a fixed Hold'em poker limit game every round has a fixed wager according to which all the players bet and raise in the game.

In Texas Hold'em poker there are four betting rounds - before the flop, after the flop, the turn and the river. The amount that is wagered on in the last two rounds is double the amount that is wagered in the two starting rounds. In $5-$10 Hold'em poker Limit, for example, on the first two rounds players bet and raise in $5 increments, while on the last two rounds players bet and raise in $10 increments.

When you play a $5-$10 Hold'em poker limit game, you start off by placing $5 in the pot, on the first betting round. Another player that wants to bet on that round needs to put what you already put in plus another $5, making the total he wagered $10. The fact that Hold'em poker is a limit game is a huge advantage that is especially important in Texas Hold'em poker, because there are more rounds than most poker games.

The fact that Texas Hold'em poker allows you to play for as low a limit as $0.25 games, is one of the advantages of playing poker online.

Before you start playing an online Texas Hold'em poker game, find out what are the stakes, that the house is offering. You should also check out if there is a raising Hold'em poker limit in the game. A raising limit is a rule that is beneficial for the players, so they do not lose all of their funds in one hand. The usual Hold'em poker limit in internet casinos is three raises for each round of betting. The only time you can raise more than three times, in those games, is in a heads up game, where two poker players are contesting each other. In this case there is usually no Hold'em poker limit of raises.

There are other types of Texas Hold'em poker limit games, such as no-limit Texas Hold'em poker. In this game you can bet any sum you like, as high as you'd like. This is not at all recommended for poker players, especially for beginners.

John Tucker - Editorial Manager