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Recommended Hole Cards You Should Play for Texas Hold'em Poker

Following is the list of the top starting hands of Texas Hold'em Poker, ordered by poker rank from best to worst. When you start playing Texas Hold'em poker, you will get two cards and you'll have to decide right away what to do with them. This list will help you make this decision more easily. You do not have to memorize it, just print it and keep a copy close hand, next to your computer, so next time you play Texas Hold'em poker, it'll be in your reach.

  • A-A, K-K, Q-Q, J-J, A-K Suited, T-T, A-Q S., A-J S., K-Q S., A-K
  • 9-9, J-T S., Q-J S., K-J S., A-T S., A-Q, T-9 S., K-Q, 8-8, Q-T S.
  • 9-8 S., J-9 S., A-J, K-T S., 7-7, 8-7 S., Q-9 S., T-8 S., K-J, Q-J
  • J-T, 7-6 S., 9-7 S., A-x S., 6-5 S., 6-6, A-T, 5-5, 8-6, K-T
  • Q-T, 5-4 S., K-9 S., J-8 S., 7-5 S., 4-4, J-9, T-9, 3-3, 9-8
  • 6-4 S., 2-2, K-x S., T-7 S., Q-8 S., 5-3 S., 4-3 S., 9-6 S., 8-5 S., J-7 S.
  • 7-4 S., A-9, Q-9, J-8, T-8, 4-2 S., 3-2 S., 8-7, 7-6, 6-5, 5-4, K-9

Note – "Suited" is abbreviated to "S."

  • Suited hands are ranked higher than unsuited hands.
  • Consecutive Texas Hold'em poker cards are ranked high, because they have a shot of making a straight.
  • The list applies for Texas Hold'em poker rules of limit games, and even though they may be correct for other betting options, there might be a deviation in rank.

Written by Brandon Francis, Editorial Staff 09.05.2006