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Using the Flop to Evaluate the Texas Hold'em Poker Hands

A Texas Hold'em poker player can use the community cards to find out about the other players' hands. When you play Texas Hold'em poker, you choose five cards as your poker hand, from the seven cards on the table. An aspiring Texas Hold'em poker player needs to figure out, as fast as possible, what is the best poker hand that can be held, according to the cards that are already on the table. Figuring out the best poker hand for Texas Hold'em poker is possible, because the game uses community cards, a charecteristic which is not available for all Poker games online.

What does it mean, if there are no pairs on the table? If all the cards are already on the table, and you see that there is not even a pair, it means there is no possibility, for any of the players, to form either a full house, or a four-of-a-kind. Thus, by just examining the community cards, you can get important information about your Texas Hold'em poker opponents' hands. As an example, if the community cards are Q J 8 7 4, then the best poker hand is triple queens, followed by triple jacks.

What does it mean if there are no three of a suit on the table? If five Texas Hold'em poker community cards were dealt, and there aren’t at the least three cards of the same suit, there is no way any of the players will form a flush or a straight flush. As an example, if the community cards are Q hearts, J spade, 8 of hearts, 7 diamond and 4 diamond, it means no one on the table will have a flush or straight flush.

How can your own cards tell you if you have the best poker hand? In a typical Texas Hold'em poker game, we can sometimes make a fairly good hand, and are unsure whether or not another player can make an even better hand. In this case, we should check our own hand, and see if our hole cards are blocking the other players' possibility of reaching the better hand. If they are, it means we can rest assure we have the best poker hand ranking. As an example, if the cards on the table are Q Q J 8 7, and we have Q J, nothing can beat our Texas Hold'em poker hand because we are blocking the four of a kind.

The previous methods that tell you more about your hand's ranking in comparison to the rest of the players, are only some of the methods you can use to find the best poker hand on the table. As you play Texas Hold'em poker, you'll find out other clues that will help you decide how to play in the game.

Publisher: Carry Williams,