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Taiwan Fulgent Puts the Spin on Traditional Casino Games

"Honest, exciting and functional game" are what Taiwan Fulgent aims to give to the casino gaming industry. Since their debut in 1999, engineers have been solely devoted to the development of auto roulette table and auto poker machine and auto poker shuffler to make a working and fair gambling environment. Now, with fully mature technical skill, Taiwan Fulgent Limited announces the debut of their Robotic Casino and A Plus Series on February 16th, 2009. The Robot Casino series are especially made for improving gaming efficiency and honesty of card games. The series also includes automated blackjack table and automated baccarat table.

Both are fully equipped with state-of-the art robot arms for easy operation. The Robot Casino baccarat and blackjack games are quick, with an average gaming time from ninety-one hundred twenty second. A twenty-four hour non-stop run can help clients earn a big revenue. In order to give players a simple yet fun, gambling machine, the player interface of the Robot Casino is composed of a touch screen, press button and a LCD screen. The user friendly design allows players to focus on playing, without the need to spend a lot of time on figuring out how the gaming machine works.

Another auto casino machine from Taiwan Fulgent is A Plus auto poker shuffle machines. The A Plus model is composed of 3 main models, from one-six decks or one-eight decks designs and high-speed card shufflers. An A Plus card shuffle machine are made to ensure the fairness of card games. Each model is easy to maintain. Other important features of the machine includes a pre-programming option for card games, continuous shuffling, single and multiple card hand output and a non-traceable random card shuffling.

The A Plus Poker shuffle has received global patents for its one-of-a kind designs and outstanding performance. Aside from the Robot Casino and A Plus poker shuffler, Taiwan Fulgent also makes auto roulette game machine, with four player, eight player and 12 player models to meet the different needs of players. The auto roulette offers a mechanical roulette wheel integrated with a computer wagering system and removable gamer modules for numerous needs.

The average game time is 60-90 seconds, which improves the usual speed of roulette games. All casino gambling machines from Taiwan Fulgent are ordered because they are custom made.


03/09/2009 19:43 PM