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Sheikhan Deportation Proceedings Halted

On November 17th, 2007, poker pro Shahram "Sean" Sheikhan was facing deportation proceeding from 1995 charges that according to U.S. officials involved a misdemeanor on sexual battery charges. Sean Sheikhan was in his early twenty's and the girl was seventeen when the incident happened.

Harry Gastley, a U.S. Immigrations Court Judge decided that the Department of Homeland Security did not give enough proof to decide if Sean Sheikhan committed a deportable crime. This decision stopped all deportation proceedings against Sheikhan.

Sheikhan has appeared on the High Stakes Poker, an NBC poker program and has two 2nd place finished and a 3rd place finished in World Series of Poker in Las Vegas and has earned more than $2.1 million in poker winnings.

He became famous for his heads-up showdown against Mike Matusow in the 2007 World Series o Poker. But Sheikhan is not completely safe yet from deportation, because the Department of Homeland Security has until December 17th, 2007 to appeal the decision.

One of the factors that influenced the decision of Gastley what Sheikhan was convicted or whether the conviction was done by a jury, plea or a decision by the Judge. Sheikhan's original arrest was made on Contra Costa County and officials said that misdemeanor charges are not keep on file after a decade.

38 year-old Sean Sheikhan is a legal American citizen, married and has one child. He was arrested on August 30th, 2007, jailed for about a week and posted $10,000 bail to get out.


12/03/2007 06:21 PM