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Seven Card Stud Beginners Mistakes

Seven Card Stud beginners mistakes happen all the time due to beginners finding the game a step up from what they are used to. Seven Card Stud is a poker game which requires a lot of patience, concentration and discipline. After the hustle and bustle of Texas Hold'em, Seven Card Stud requires a bit more guile and craftiness. The game isn’t for everyone and takes a bit of time to get used to so if you don’t have immediate success hang in there and give it a bit more of a chance. Often people get confused by the game which is turn causes them to make basic errors.

So what are the basic Seven Card Stud beginners mistakes that new players can avoid.

Play Less Hands - Many Seven Card Stud players come to the game from Texas Hold’em where there is a lot of action. In Seven Card Stud there is far less. Beginners should play far less starting hands and be a lot more selective on what they decide to play with. Not only do you expose yourself less to losing but the time not playing can be spent watching and that will be the best way you can improve your game. By sitting at the table watching you can see what works and what doesn't. You can see what the strategy is behind a hand and what are the relative worth of the hands.

Pay Attention - A full Seven Card Stud hand is made up of seven cards, four of which are face up. With four cards exposed, this gives you a major insight into what cards are out there. A basic Seven Card Stud beginner's mistake is to completely ignore this. If you see an Ace appear face up in the hands of four players that means the King assumes a far higher value. Pay attention to this especially if you are drawing at fifth, sixth and seventh streets. It also gives you some idea about what type of hands your opponents have or possibly could have. For instance if they have four suited cards or four to a straight, chances are they have the flush of the straight.

Be Aggressive When You Can - When you have a good hand, make the most of it and bet hard. Try to eliminate people from the hand and get maximum value from it, especially when you are playing in an online poker room.

Ignore Mediocre Hands - Try not to play for the second best hand. Worst of it all is when you draw for it and make it because you will call and possibly even raise with it even though you should be folding.

Remember Who Did What When - With many betting rounds you have to pay close attention to what is happening at the table so by the time you get to seventh street and the showdown you remember who bet when, how and why. This is a common Seven Card Stud beginners’ mistake because being inexperienced to the game they spend more time worrying about other less important things.

Make Good Decisions - You need to take the right betting options at the right time. That means you should be aggressive when you have a head to protect, folding as opposing to drawing and raising when you have the best hand. Many Seven Card Stud beginners mistakes are due to betting and are betting related.

Matthew Dorst