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Pub Poker League Becoming Increasingly Popular

The game of Texas Hold'em poker is becoming more popular nowadays, especially in the pubs located in Christchurch. On February 22, 2007, pubs in Christchurch were hosts to several poker leagues, where many poker players competed and compared the level of their skills against other players without spending any money at all.

The National Director of the Pub Poker League, Lorelei Dann, commented that since the launch of the league in Christchurch in October 2006, they have gathered hundreds of players in 15 different poker venues.

These players can play poker for free in the Knockout Style Tournament until the winner for the evening is announced. The winners will then have the opportunity to go to regional poker tournaments and then play in Australia for a slot at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in the United States and the opportunity to take home about $1 million.

Dann said that the web and the media coverage of the WSOP are just 2 of the reasons why poker has become so popular these days. Poker player, Richard King, said that the game at the Pub Poker League is greatly appreciated by many because it is absolutely free, easy to reach and a great place to meet new friends.


06/27/2007 22:10 PM