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Pro-Online Groups Lobby for Approval of Online Poker in California and Other States

On February 11th, 2009, recent gaming decisions in the state of Massachusetts appear to have start the ball rolling for the recovery of online poker gaming in the U.S. Barney Frank's efforts in Washington are beginning to have some results and a number of historic cases deciding that poker is a game of skill have taken place. One of the state's hit hardest by the financial crisis, California, is restarting its efforts to officially approve online poker.

The multi-billion dollar poker industry is a lucrative are left largely unused by US Businesses and the government. With their finances in an alarming state, the state of California has decided that the time is right to allow online poker to the state. Despite the negative stance by the federal government to this point, the brand new midnight rules introduced by former President George W. Bush meant that it was up to the state to decide what constituted illegal online gaming.

This leaves the state of California to remove online poker from the blacklist and introduced it as a regulated gaming industry. But things might no go according to plan as Indian casinos plan to fight the plan. Aside from that, more pro-poker new has emerged from Nevada, with the head of the Nevada Gaming Control Board making positive claims about the future of web poker in the US. He believes that some minimal clarifications to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act would enable the introduction of online poker as fully regulated gaming industry in the state.


02/25/2009 19:39 PM