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Poker Machine Reforms Enforced by the Independent Gambling Authority

On May 17, 2007, the Independent Gambling Authority (IGA) enforced some regulations that will restrict the overall visibility of poker machines at public hotels and pubs.

They have urged Gambling Minister Paul Caica to take measures to cut the trading hours of the poker machines and the access of the customers to keno from usual retail spots.

Since their launch in July 1994, the electronic poker machines have influenced community habits and financial partners from SA and are the root cause of several problems. In 2006, the electronic poker machines produced a total of $750 million in total profits.

The state officials will receive over $307 million in total taxes this financial year. The state government has relied heavily on revenues from the machines where the game of poker is played. The poker machines also depend on the goodwill of the state government.

The Independent Gambling Authority has exposed some of the important issues in their study of the practices in the gaming market.

Some changes, like the dangers of gambling and a progressive way to correctly identify gambling addicts, stopping loyalty programs, a restriction on the signs and the automatic dispensing machines are helpful and can be achieved with the cooperation of the market.

However, some important tips, like the shorter poker machines operations and a ban on keno sales in common locations, like the supermarket can only be realized with cooperation from the government.


05/22/2007 20:08 PM