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Patricia Smolko Wins the WSOP Ladies Only Event

Admittedly, the women's player sector is one of the fastest growing poker sectors today. Proof of this ongoing phenomena is the ladies only event with a $200 buy-in cost, no limit poker hold'em tournament Event #7 that Caesars Atlantic City hosted on March 11, 2007. The event attracted around 398 players. All top 36 finishers in the event have taken home some money.

The 9 finalists who made it to the table were Aena Kana, Debbie Kindt, Barbara Capron, Dawn Marie Schatz, Leah Slattery, Jean Tharpe, Malika Benson, Lisa Kramer and Patricia A. Smolko. 3 players had the most chips before the start of the event - Patricia Smolko, Leah Slattery and Debbie Kindt.

The blinds started at 10,000 and 20,000 with a 3,000 placed ante. Jean Tharpe was the first one to go from the final table because of Aena Kana's J-7. She took home around $1,592. Malika Benson was the next person to go, when she lost the head to head against Barbara Capron's A-10. She took home around $2,388.

Next to bow out from the final table was Lisa Kramer when her A, J failed to defeat Aena Kana's 7-4. She took home around $3,184 for placing 7th. Next to be taken out was Aena Kana when her A-5 failed to prevail against the pocket kings of Dawn Marie Schatz. She took home $3,980 in total winnings. Barbara Capron duplicated her 5th place finish in last year's poker tournament held at the Trump Taj Mahal.

She took home around $4,776 in total prizes. With 4 players remaining, the next to go was Dawn Marie Schatz. Ms. Schatz lost to Patricia A. Smolko's 4-4. Ms. Schatz took home around $5,572 for her 4th place finish. Debbie Kindt was the next to go, having trouble on her low chips. Smolko was the main beneficiary of Ms. Kindt's misfortune.

She took home $6,368 in total prizes. The final battle in this game of poker was now between Patricia A. Smolko and Leah Slattery, with Smolko enjoying a 3 to 1 chip lead. In the end, a blank on the river gave the victory. Ms. Slattery took home $12,736 in total prizes for her runner-up finish. Patricia Smolko won a total of $24,676 and a gold pendant.


06/24/2007 22:04 PM