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Louisiana House of Representatives to Review Pub Poker Bill of Rep. Warren Triche

On June 19, 2007, a pub poker proposal in Louisiana passed its first test, a Senate Committee, and is now on its way to a full review in the House of Representatives.

The pub poker legislation would allow bars and restaurants in Louisiana to hold Texas Hold'em Poker events provided that the venues of the tournament will not get a percentage of the total bets by players.

However, Louisiana's main liquor regulator is not in favor of the pub poker proposal because poker tournaments are not allowed under the gambling laws of Louisiana.

Rep. Warren Triche from Thibodaux introduced the poker pub bill to allow businesses in the state to hold poker events once a week, provided the owner of the businesses will not get a "rake" from the poker tables or charge an entrance fee to customers in order to play poker.

Nonetheless, the pub poker bill prevents pubs and other venues from giving the cards and the chips to play poker or from advertising the poker tournaments to the public.

While similar pub poker proposals sponsored by Triche last year could not be approved, this one passed in a 3-1 vote this time around.

If the senate passes the bill it will go straight to Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco, who is known for her anti-gambling views.


07/30/2007 23:19 PM