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Launch of The World Series of Poker Game Tournament of Champions

April 17, 2007 saw the launch of the World Series of Poker Game. The main idea behind the game is that you can see your rivals and like the real thing, you can discern their body language for tells regarding the cards that they are holding. It is an idea that if properly done, could make for a wholesome gaming experience for poker fans.

As one of your opponents raises the cash pot by a thousand, as a player, you should try to look at his actions and watch the condition of his hand. But it all boils down to how the game realistically portrays the real situation in a poker game to simulate the "tells" that a body betrays during a live poker game.

Making the game depict real human behavior in an actual poker tournament is a tough deal and it is not surprising that Left Field Productions failed on that matter. But even though they failed on certain criteria, the mere fact that you can see your opponents in the game gives you a good feeling while you are playing.

Choosing your career mode as the rookie player will see you playing in a number of poker tournaments in the hope of joining a high stakes tournament on the Las Vegas strip. Before playing in the Rio resort in Las Vegas, you will have to play in a number of locations and against players modeled after real life stars in the World Series of Poker tournament.


06/14/2007 21:41 PM