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The Different High Stakes Wagers Made by Poker Pros at the World Series of Poker

Every year, top poker pros bet more money than the entire cash pool of a standard WSOP $1,500 event on various high stakes wagers at the 2009 World Series of Poker. The most well-known is the bracelet wager. This is considered to be one of the most straightforward wagers.

Poker pro Daniel Negreanu has a well-publicized bracelet wager with fellow poker pro Phil Ivey where every time one of them wins a World Series of Poker event the other has to pay them $200,000. Negreanu is already $400,000 in the hole, despite nearly taking home a bracelet this year.

Although bracelet wagers are one of the most common bets, Team PokerStars member Barry Greenstein said on June 26th, 2009 that bets are always changing. Because the bets are so big between poker pros they can sometimes surpassed the 1st place cash prize of a World Series of Poker tournament. In 2007, it was well known that when Eli Elezra won his first WSOP bracelet, he made an extra $250,000 thanks to a ten-one wager with Barry Greenstein. The 1st place cash prize for the event that Elezra won was just $199,984.

This year, Phil Ivey has already won two WSOP bracelet and insiders states that Ivey can take home $2 million to $14 million because of his high stakes bets with other poker pros. Greenstein and fellow poker pros like Jeffrey Lisandro, Erick Lindgren and Daniel Negreanu have also introduced wagers based on World Series of Poker Player of the Year points.

Greenstein said that it just seemed an interesting player wager if you are thinking about what to wager on. He added that it is rare to win a bracelet so players do not get a lot of action if they just make a bracelet wager. The most well-known example of Player of the Year bracelet wager is one that Greenstein made with Jeffrey Lisandro against the team of Daniel Negreanu and Erick Lindgren. He added that it has been a close one all throughout the summer.

Negreanu and Lindgren earned a total of 195 points while Greenstein and Lisandro were beginning to pull away with 310 points, thanks to the two World Series of Poker bracelets won by Lisandro. WSOP veteran Mike Sexton is convinced that these wagers keep high-caliber poker pros out of cash games and in World Series of Poker events. The incentive to win World Series of Poker bracelets makes poker pros go to extreme lengths, including participating in several events at once and even holding on to just barely to cash in and acquire more Player of the Year points.

Between bracelet wagers, Player of the Year points wager and other types of wager, there are no limits on how poker pros can win or lose cash at the World Series of Poker.


07/22/2009 21:44 PM