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Odds and Probabilities For The Five Card Draw Poker Variant

In this page you will learn about how to use odds and probabilities, in order to know if you can complete a hand in five card draw poker.

When you draw a made hand, it is rather easy to know whether to raise or to fold your poker hand. This is decided upon according to the ranking of the hand. But when you draw a partial hand, the decision to fold or continue should be based on the knowledge of the odds and probabilities for drawing the completing cards and getting the poker hand you wanted. Even though the rules of five card draw are simple, calculating the odds can make it a bit more difficult so you should spend some time learning them.

When you start playing Five card draw poker, you sometimes get an incomplete hand that you'll want to complete in the next draw. How will you know if you even have a chance to complete the hand? The following table will give you the odds and probabilities for getting to your wanted hand.

Initial hand you receive Example Cards you want to draw Odds for drawing the cards
4 card straight- missing card on two sides J T 9 8 Q or 7 5/1
4 card straight – 1 card missing in one place J T 8 7 9 11/1
4 card flush K 9 7 4, all hearts Heart 4/1
4 card straight flush – 1 card missing in one place 7 6 5 3, all hearts heart or 4 3/1
4 card straight flush – 1 card missing on two sides 7 6 5 4, all hearts heart, 8 or 3 2/1
Two pair 8 8 5 5 8 or 5 (full house) 11/1
3 card straight flush – 2 cards missing in both sides 9 8 7, all hearts Straight or better 11/1
Three-of-a-kind J J J J J J J or J J J - - 9/1
Three-of-a-kind and a kicker J J J Q J J J Q Q or J J J J 9/1
A K same suit A K, all hearts A A K K or better 13/1
Pair Q Q Two pair or better 3/1

Now you know what the odds to reach your required hand are for five card draw poker, and you can practice some rounds of online poker to make sure you memorize these odds.

James Sath - Editor