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The Dusk Till Dawn Poker Room of Rob Yong

Poker player Rob Yong conceptualize a concept to open the one and only legal poker room in Great Britain. After two years, Rob Yong was given a full casino license to legally operate Dusk Till Dawn. The card room will be the biggest poker room in Great Britain and in the European continent with forty-five poker tables.

As soon as Yong was given the poker room license by the Gambling Board of Britain, it was replaced by the Gambling Commission. The brand new Gambling Commission cut the issue of poker only licenses because of a set number of casino gaming tables at each facility. As a gambling operator, Yong does not want to disregard the laws and gaming authorities by hosting an unregulated poker room.

Yong also believes that hard gambling regarding poker players is not an advantageous situation for them so when he applied for the right to possess a poker room license, he did not want to have the permission to host other forms of gambling.

There has been a downward spiral for a lot of poker rooms in Great Britain because of the brand new gaming act by the Gambling Commission. Prime Minister Gordon Brown is also not a great fan of gambling, even poker. He has been coming down hard with a lot of poker rooms that are not in a casino setting. The Dusk Till Dawn poker room of Rob Yong will open on November 2007 in Nottingham.


11/04/2007 04:57 PM