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Cake Poker Bans Josh Field from Online Poker Site

On February 13th, 2009, according to the security officials of Cake Poker, poker pro Josh Field or "JJProdigy" was banned from the online poker room after an investigation by the online poker room's security officials revealed that Josh Field has once again engage in creating multiple accounts. For those unfamiliar with the whole situation, Field is one of the most notorious multiple-accounters in the online poker industry, having been deeply involved in different scandals over the last few years at different online sites.

As a result of his actions, Josh Field has been banned from most of major online poker sites. Josh Field was reported playing online poker under the username OnThatGrind and gave permission to players that he was staking on to utilized that account to participate in high limit poker games, resulting in his subsequent banning from Cake Poker. According to online poker gaming sources, Josh Field was immediately on Cake Poker's radar when he made an online account on the site due to his notoriety.

Cake Poker Security apparently think that it would only be a matter of time before Field reverted to his past behavior and based on what happened recently, Cake Poker security were right.


03/10/2009 19:43 PM