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Booth Triumphs at the Adelaide Holdem Championships

November 19th, 2007, a nineteen year-old university student and a part time shelf-stacker is the champion of a poker event in Adelaide. He won a total of $96,000. But the surprising thing is that he has only learned to play poker five months ago.

Poker player Daniel Booth won the first ever Adelaide Holdem Championship at the SkyCity Casino which featured poker player Joe Hachem. The Holdem championship featured a total cash pool of more than $340,000 and included participants from the country of Australia and other countries.

Most players paid a $3,000 buy-in while others like Daniel Booth won a slot at the tournament by winning regional poker tournaments. He said that he never imagined that he would be able to win the tournament because he was against the best poker players all over the world.

Hachem, who won the World Series of Poker 2005 and a cash prize of more than $7 million was edged out of the tournament but stayed to award the money to the champion. He said that it is awesome that Booth was able to win the tournament on his first try. Adam Cusenza finished in 2nd place and won $58,000 while Chris Tau from New Zealand finished in 3rd place and won $40,000.


12/02/2007 06:20 PM